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Junior Team Training


 Junior Team Training is a great option for young golfers who would like to play high school, college or tournament golf. This year long program gives each student the opportunity to develop their game and reach their goals.  

Adult Team Training


The Adult Team Training program is ideal for men and woman who are looking to improve their game. Wether you want to compete in tournaments or play for business and not embarrass yourself.  This program has multiple opportunities each week to give you flexibility for your busy schedule.

Private Instruction

Monthly private programs and small packages are for players wanting more personal attention. This is a great option for players with a less flexible schedule. Book your private lessons at your convenience online or by phone.


Jeff Goble has 30 years of teaching experience. He was just named the Michigan PGA Teacher of the Year for 2016. Jeff has also been named one of the "Top Teachers in Michigan" for the past 14 years by Golf Digest.  Jeff has worked with some of the best teachers and professionals over his career gaining knowledge and experience few can match. Jeff has a holistic approach to the game and an ability to work within the goals of the player. Jeff has a long career of studying the mechanics of the swing, with multiple TPI Certifications for understanding the body swing connection,  certifications on the mental side of the game and certifications from all the manufactures in fitting equipment.  Jeffs well rounded approach gives his players the best chance for reaching their potential. 



Team Training's are 90 minute sessions conducted on the range, short game area, on the course or classroom. The training's cover technique, personal tendencies, and building a higher level of performance.  Teams consist of no more than 4 students per training session. Range balls included for practice.

4 Training per month $300   

2 Training per month $150

This program is billed monthly with a minimum 4 month enrollment, you may add  private lessons as needed at the VIP rate.


Sunday Mornings at 8 am and Thursdays at 6 pm

“Ladies Only” classes available

More times will be made available as needed, please call or email for availability.


Cure Your Slice, Guaranteed!


1 hour private assessment, 6 Team Training Sessions 10 hours of total instruction, Men, Women and young adults welcome. Saturday mornings at 8 am, Thursdays at 6 pm. Call for additional times and availability.

Cost $549


New Student Evaluation $199 includes a TPI Physical Screen, Swing Video and interview


Adult Private Lesson rate $150 per hour


VIP Private Lessons Packages


4 hours per month $450 include 10 med range buckets per month

2 hours per month $250 include 5 med range buckets per month

Minimum of 3 month commitment is required.


Premium Equipment Club Fitting with TrackMan
$150 and $50 comes off your purchase price.
We match prices with all competitors.