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Jeff  Goble, Previously the Director of Instruction at the Kendall Academy, has been a PGA member since 1997 and was recognized in Golf Digest as one of the “Top Instructors in the State" from 2005-2014.
Jeff returned to the area after nine years at Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Michigan and Naples, Florida. While at Treetops, Jeff was a Senior Instructor for the Rick Smith Golf Academy “Top 25 Golf Schools”. While serving as Head Golf Professional at Treetops other duties included, Director of Instruction for Junior Golf Camps, and a Lead Instructor for the Ladies Golf Schools.  Jeff has over 25 years experience teaching all levels of play. His patience and enthusiasm create a great learning environment for all. In addition to being an accomplished player and teacher of the mechanics of the swing, Jeff's expertise also includes the effects of flexibility and equipment on the golf swing.  Jeff is a Certified Golf Professional and Junior Coach Instructor for the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) .  This program identifies limitations within the body that a regular golf lesson may not reveal and generates a personal fitness program to correct these limitations.  Jeff is also certified in K-Vest 3D Technology, this service provides a detailed look at the movement of a players golf swing.  It also allows comparisons of a golfers movement to PGA, LPGA and Long Drive champions.  The 3D technology can show the kinetic linking (timing) of a golf swing to see how efficient it is and eliminates the guess work relative to what needs to be corrected.  For more info on TPI and K-Vest Click the links below. 


I believe that every golfer is unique and one swing model is not for everyone. Each student’s lesson will be based on the goals and abilities of the player. First, each player must have an understanding of the correct concepts before we get into a corrective movements or positions. Once we have an understanding of the concept we can look at personal tendencies that interfere with the consistency the player may desire. Once we diagnose the flaws in the system, I look and see if the player is physically capable of making a swing change that can be dependable.  If we need to compensate, I would prefer to do it before the swing is taken. Pre-swing fundamentals are an ideal for a player with no physical limitations, but if limitations exist, we can alter the pre swing position to accommodate a better impact of the club to the ball producing better results. It is possible to change a physical limitation, for players looking to achieve higher goals we may look to this course of action first then build a better swing from a better physical platform.

Each player must have a clear understanding of what he or she must make a priority to reach their individual goals.  I feel it is my job to help guide my students and enlighten them from a history of working with the top instructors in the world.

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